Should you get out of your comfort zone?

Mathieu Belleville-Douelle
5 min readMay 15, 2024

You’ve probably already heard of the “comfort zone”. This refers to situations in which we feel comfortable and secure. When we’re in this zone, we can go about our business without stress. We’re in a familiar environment, using skills we’ve mastered.

So why would we want to get out of it? Why voluntarily put ourselves in an uncomfortable situation?

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Getting out of your comfort zone for personal fulfillment

Be proud of yourself

As many people can testify: it’s by stepping out of their comfort zone that they’ve been able to evolve and achieve great things, both personally and professionally. Stepping out of your comfort zone means going beyond yourself. It requires courage.

It means facing up to our fears, breaking down the barriers and removing the obstacles we put in our way. By pushing back our limits, we extend this zone and widen our field of possibilities. What we feared yesterday and what we denied ourselves suddenly becomes accessible.

This gives us greater self-confidence and improves our self-image. Self-esteem is the key to serenity and inner peace.

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