Eurovision Song Contest : Why is it so gay ?

Mathieu Belleville-Douelle
4 min readMay 8, 2024
Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

When I explained to my straight friends that Eurovision was part of European gay culture, they replied, “Not at all!”

I could see the incomprehension in their eyes. I’ve just appropriated this TV talent show, which was created in 1956 and attracts 170 million viewers every year, to the gay community. Not all these people are gay! That’s true, but in reality, the Eurovision Song Contest is a major event in gay life, similar to…

An international gay pride

For my part, I’m stunned by how obvious it all seems. Haven’t they noticed all the queer singers, the men in dresses, the glitter, the sweet pop songs? Don’t they know Dana International or Conchita Wurst? Of course they do. But what they don’t seem to realize is how important it is for a gay man to see diversity and otherness on display for all to see, and to triumph!

Not everyone in the gay community supports the Eurovision Song Contest. Some even loathe it. However, the fan club is essentially made up of gay men. They get together to watch the show on the big screen, collect merchandise, are encyclopedias and can’t stop talking about anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories.

The reaction of my friends is revealing. Most heterosexuals have no idea that this contest occupies such a prominent place in…



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